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XYplorer Pro Crack

XYplorer Pro Advanced File System Explorer targets everyone. It is for those looking for a real alternative to Windows Explorer. It has these features. Created Date, Last Accessed Date, and Attributes exist. The file list shows them. Extended file finds supporting features, including binary string search.


  • Tabbed Browsing lets you have an unlimited number of tabs. This makes jumping around between folders a one-click affair. Rename the tabs and move them around. You can hide them and drag-drop stuff onto the tab headers. The tabs remember their setup between sessions and. Do you often search your system for files added in the last 24 hours? Let a “finding tab” do the job with a single click!

  • High-end find files engine with tremendous power and amazing speed. Find files supports Boolean logic. It allows up to 256 levels of nesting. It also has advanced pattern matching. It has Regular Expressions. It has whole word and fuzzy matching. It has binary string search and location search. It can search in all selected directories. And it has much more.

  • Instant preview of images (incl. It can display PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, ICO, and many more types of image files. As well as audio and video files. It shows detailed media information for these files.

  • The file list shows thumbnails of image files. They introduce the unique “Mouse Down Blow Up” feature.

  • You can preview installing and uninstalling TrueType and Type-1 font files. This shows detailed font information.

  • You can preview HTML, MHT, and PHP files. This includes configurable server mappings. You can also print them.

  • Instant display of complete file/version information for each selected file.

  • Various revolutionary highlighting features add more visual grip to the tree and list. You can customize all these colors. They include the Highlight Folder and Boxed Branch. Also, the Favorite Folder Bold, Highlight Focused Row, and Highlight Sorted Column. And then there’s a wildcard-configurable Color Filter for list items.

  • You have a Visual Filter for the file list. Control what you see by stating simple wildcard patterns like *.txt. The Visual Filter is per-tab. Like all other settings in XYplorer Pro Crack, it saves between sessions.

  • File Info Tips and MP3 Info Tips give extensive file information. They show up to 35 fields, depending on the file type and individual file.) pops up when you move the mouse over a file’s icon.

  • Much More…


XYplorer Pro v25.80.0200 with Crack

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XYplorer Pro with Crack

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