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Stardock Start11 Crack

Stardock Start11 is the first Windows 11 Start menu alternative. It brings a more familiar look and feel to the Windows 11 start menu. Windows 11 features an app-focused start menu. Start11 offers a Windows 7-style layout. You can customize it with a few clicks.

How to use Stardock Start11:

Make Your Desktop Yours. Take complete control of your desktop with Start11. With Windows 11, Microsoft chose form over function. They removed many features that were in Windows 10. With Start11, you can customize the experience to fit your personality.

  • Pick your favorite Start menu style. Then, change the colors, textures, transparency, and more.

  • Change the Start button icon to any of the included icons or create your own for a unique desktop.

  • Add color to the taskbar or a custom texture. It will compliment your Start menu design or match your wallpaper.

Expected features are missing. Windows 11 removed many that were in Windows 10. Start11 brings them back. This includes basics like returning the right-click menu on the taskbar. It also includes ungrouping windows on the taskbar. You can also choose to have your icons centered on the taskbar with your Start menu left aligned.

  • View open applications on the taskbar with ungrouped windows.

  • Access shared network drives and folders from the Start menu.

  • You can use advanced options to add network drives and web content. You can also remove unwanted sections.

One Desktop to Rule Them All. When you use many devices with different versions of Windows, Start11 can help. It can help you create a shared desktop. Make Windows 10 look like Windows 11, or 11 looks like Windows 10. Or how about making both Windows 10 and 11 look like Windows 7? The choice is yours.

  • Change the Start menu to look the same across all supported versions of Windows.

  • Make a search that’s the same on each desktop. It must have no ads.

  • Use a right-click menu on the taskbar that feels familiar on Windows 11.

Windows 11 introduces a new design. But, it also adds ads and unremovable content. Take back full control with Start11. Remove unwanted outside content and menu sections that you don’t want to see.

  • Option to remove the web content that shows up next to your local search results.

  • It has advanced local search. It prioritizes your content and can index open Edge tabs.

  • Option to remove the “Recent Documents” section of the Windows 11 Start menu.


  • Personalize your Start menu. Choose from several styles from Windows 7 to 11. Or, pick our modern take on classic styles.

  • Personalized to your preferences. Customize your Start menu by adding or removing sections. You can also change its icon and move it to the left or keep it centered.

  • Customizable from top to bottom: change the colors, transparency, spacing, alignment, and more.

  • Boost your productivity with unique features. Bring back old Windows features and add new ones.

  • Restore classic functionality. Ungroup your windows. Also, restore the context menu to the taskbar in Windows 11.

  • Add new functionality. It adds links to local and network drives, individual folders, the recycle bin, and more.

  • Take full control of your search experience. Improve it with few distractions and better results.

  • Customize your search experience. With it, your most used content appears higher in the results.

  • This has advanced index functionality. When used with the Edge browser, open tabs will also appear in your search results.


Stardock Start11 v2.0.7.2 with Crack 2024 {Activated}

What’s New?

  • This fix solves an issue. It was with right-clicking on the network and audio icons on the far right of the Win11 taskbar. It was not working if you use experimental center mode.

  • I fixed an issue. It was with right-clicking to close a window on open task manager. This happened when using Enhanced Taskbar in Win11.

  • Fixed issue with Virtual Desktops popup. It did not show up shifted when in experimental center mode.

Stardock Start11 with Crack

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