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cFosSpeed Crack

The program cFosSpeed is a network driver. It joins the Internet connection. It speeds up data transfer by prioritizing traffic. Traffic shaping is a method for improving Internet traffic. It provides the highest speed with the least delay.


  • You can use cFosSpeed ​​with a router and or a DSL modem or cable modem. It is also possible to use with other types of Internet connections. cFosSpeed ​​supports many types of connections. These include DSL, cable, ISDN, UMTS, and others.

  • cFosSpeed is popular software. It is for fans of online gaming. It is also for fans of peer-to-peer networks and streaming audio and video.

  • You can calibrate cFosSpeed depending on the connection. You can get the best results by using a program. It loads the incoming and outgoing bandwidth at full speed for several days.

  • Works with any practical equipment and almost worldwide. cFosSpeed ​​will let you surf the Internet very fast. It also reduces download time and response. It is a special honor for fans of online gaming. It is also for fans of peer-to-peer networks and consumer audio and video streaming.

  • The standard fix for this issue was to increase the TCP window. It lets you send more data without immediate confirmation. The main problems are high ping and long delays. They happen when rendering web pages. A delay of up to two seconds is not uncommon for a TCP window size of 512KB. In short, the large size of the TCP window still does not allow you to get the full speed of downloading.

  • But, cFos Traffic Shaping arranges data by priority. It puts important packets first. Thus, the evidence always comes on time, and the transfer will never clog your connection!

  • Technology cFos Traffic-Shaping recognizes important packet types. It puts them under priorities. This not only smooths Internet traffic but also provides a low ping. This speeds up surfing and downloads. It also helps in online games.


cFosSpeed 12.00 Build 2512 with Crack Download

What’s New?

  • Fixed a very slow handle leak.

  • Fixed a rare, ancient crash when unloading.

  • Fixed a handle leak. Many thanks to Tin Yeuk for the report.

  • If you use cFosSpeed in bridged mode, it will fix a bluescreen.

cFosSpeed with Crack

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