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Active UNDELETE Ultimate Crack

Active Undelete Ultimate software offers advanced features. It recovers deleted files and restores lost or damaged partitions. Advanced software to recover deleted files and restore lost or damaged partitions. Recover lost data from hard disk drives and other damaged media. Manage your partitions and create disk images with this easy app.


  • Recover deleted Files/Folders: This is the main feature of Active@ UNDELETE. Scan the drive where you deleted the files to retrieve them. Then, browse the scan results in a familiar Windows-explorer-like browser. Search and filter the results, select the required files, and recover them to a safe location. You can preview the scan results to confirm that the detected files are exactly what you need. Some restrictions apply in the DEMO version.

  • Scan for Deleted Partitions. In some cases, the files you seek from a drive do not appear to exist anymore. The old partitions were either deleted or overwritten. There is still a chance to recover some files in such a situation! The software can find the deleted partitions first. It lets you scan them to find lost or detected files.

  • Scan for files by their signatures. Active@ UNDELETE can find files by their unique format (signature). This works even if the files are not in the File Table. See the table below for a detailed list of supported file signatures.

  • Restore detected partition: Is your partition gone? A user or malicious software may delete it. But, there is still a chance to restore it if it’s not been overwritten. Scan the Hard disk for deleted partitions and use the Restore command to get your partition back! We recommend restoring important data first.

  • Working with a corrupted RAID system is tough. A disassembled RAID array can be rebuilt by Active@ UNDELETE. It can also recover some of the files on the array.

  • Use the Partition Manager module in Active@ UNDELETE. With it, you can do basic partition tasks. These include create, format, and delete. It can be useful during partition recovery operations.

  • Working with Disk Editor? For complex tasks, you can change partition table and boot sector attributes. Do this using template dialogs.


Active UNDELETE Ultimate 24.0.1 with Crack {WINPE}

What’s New?

  • Added recovery of Linux/Unix ZFS file system

  • Latest Recovery Kernel including many improvements & minor bug fixes

  • GUI tweaks & fixes

Active Undelete Ultimate with Crack

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